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Outdoor Journey for Girls

Celebrating 32 years
We are currently planning for 2024 OJ! 

2024 Dates:
July 16 - 18 @ Hickory Hills, South of Waterloo

August 5 - 7 @ Wildwood Hills Ranch, St. Charles


What to Expect at Outdoor Journey for Girls

There are two Outdoor Journey for Girls programs held each summer. These programs are three days in length and for girls aged 12 to 15 years old.
July @ Hickory Hills south of Waterloo

August @ Wildwood Hills Ranch in St Charles


Day 1

The first day the girls learn about canoeing, water safety, camping, survival and orienteering.

Day 2

The second day is a long day starting bright and early to get everything in. The girls go through the Hunter Education Program and get certified by learning safe gun handling, ethics and laws, shooting 20 gauge, .22 rifle, archery, and wild game care and cleaning

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Day 3

This day is all about fishing. The girls learn about fishing equipment, casting, fish identification, and fish cleaning. The girls also have the opportunity to spend time fishing.

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2024 Registration is Now Open!

2019 Hickory Hills.jpg

Hickory Hills

Just south of Waterloo

July 16-18, 2024

Wildwood Hills Ranch

St Charles, IA

August 5-7, 2024

Mentor/Chaperones & Sponsorships

Adult mentors accompany and are responsible for a small group of young participants and supervise the dorms throughout the three‐day program.


Mentor/Chaperones play an important part in the program, sharing their outdoor experiences and being a role model for youth from all over the state of Iowa. Best of all everyone learns and has fun!

Please recognize that some of the activities are physically challenging. Please advise if special accommodations are needed.

If your organization would like to provide sponsorships for girls who are unable to gain local sponsorship on their own, or if you need additional information, please contact Program Coordinator Lori Eberhard at


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