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Join Iowa Women In Natural Resources and help us promote women in the natural resources field or for the love of the outdoors. Check out our different committees and see how you can help spread your passion for the outdoors or become a mentor at an Outdoor Journey for Girls Camp.

New and Current Members: 

Please fill out the form and send in along with a check for membership dues/renewal. Download the Membership Form(PDF)

Membership fees: Active $15, Family $20, Student $10, Sponsoring $25, Lifetime $300

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Lori Eberhard, Treasurer, 2659 Wyth Road, Waterloo, IA 50703


Why Join?

Why join Iowa Women In Natural Resources? I've been asked this question a lot lately and in many different ways, positively and negatively. My answer has always been because there are lots of interesting members, the annual conference, and especially for our newsletter. But that doesn't seem to be enough of an invitation. As a member and past president, I am looking at all the benefits associated with this organization, not just the ones already mentioned. Coincidentally, the benefits are strongly connected to my answer.

Iowa Women In Natural Resources (IWINR) was formed in 1988 and is dedicated to the professional development of individuals in the natural resource field. Many of these needs are met through quarterly newsletters, a current membership directory (Download the directory form,*.pdf), an annual conference and workshop opportunities. The newsletters are an important source of information for our members. It keeps them abreast of current environmental issues, organization news, and upcoming events and encourages participation through the contribution of member-supported articles. It incorporates a job hotline, also located on our web page. If members are looking for employment or just a career change, a quick look at the options published in the newsletter or use of the web page address for more up to date opportunities.

Our membership directory is probably one of the most important "goodies" received as a member. It contains personal information each member provided pertaining to their job, other interests and organizations they belong to. It is listed in alphabetical order and is as current a list of members as possible. The greatest gift this directory provides is the wealth of networks to other individuals with similar interests and many other organizations. As of last count, IWINR has 12 county conservation boards, 4 federal agencies, 3 state agencies, at least 7 private organizations, 3 universities, instructors from 2 community colleges and 3 grade and high schools, and a wide range of professions (not all are natural resource related) represented.

Finally, our conference…every year, IWINR sponsors a conference to aid individuals in the development of various skills and continuing education, gathering new information, or provides a support network to assist individuals in achieving career goals and offering opportunities in the diverse natural resource fields. A one-day conference is held in the odd years at different locations throughout the state and a two-day conference is held in even years at the Springbrook Conservation Education Center.


Many people tell me they don't want to join because they don't attend the annual conference or they don't work in the natural resource field. Unfortunately, they don't realize the full potential this organization has to offer and the only requirement to join is a deep appreciation of nature. IWINR is a natural organization for individuals to become involved in because of all the benefits afforded its members.

Please contact Lori Eberhard for more information on IWINR: