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We have 9 different committees that you can choose to serve on. Whether your interest lies in the legalities, education, planning, or finances... we have something for everyone!

  1. Bylaws - Updating the IWINR bylaws

  2. Communication Exchange - Newsletters, Facebook & Website

  3. Finance - Fundraising & Finance

  4. Issues & Legislative - Federal, state, county & local issues concerning natural resources professions

  5. Education & Conference Planning - Planning & conducting workshops, conferences, in-service training, promoting career enhancement opportunities & developing scholarship programs

  6. Elections - Annual elections

  7. Outdoor Journey for Girls - Planning & conducting the three sessions, working with conservation officers, volunteers, chaperones and other agencies

  8. Long Range Planning - Developing strategies to meet needs of IWINR members

  9. Membership & Recruitment - Updating & publishing the membership directory

Outdoor Journey for Girls


Outdoor Journey for Girls (OJ) is a 3-day, 2-night workshop aimed at introducing outdoor skills to girls ages 12 to 15 years old in a supportive, learning environment where they have opportunities to try things “hands-on.” The outdoor skills include: canoeing and water safety, basic orienteering, fish and wildlife identification, archery, firearm safety and basic shooting, camping and outdoor survival, game care, furbearers and fur harvesting, and fishing and preparing the catch.

OJ is sponsored by Iowa Women in Natural Resources, Iowa DNR and Pheasants Forever Chapters. Plan to take part during the summer of 2022!